Disability Insurance Claim Attorneys

Compensation for Lost Livelihood

If you are suddenly disabled and unable to continue earning a living, you should be able to rely on the disability insurance you’ve been paying for. However, many policyholders find that the insurance company does not honor the agreement when it matters most.

If your insurance company has wrongfully denied you the coverage you paid for, we can help. At the law firm you will find a disability insurance claim lawyer who has the experience and passion needed to fight for the insurance benefits you have paid for.

Vulnerable Position

When you need to file a claim for disability insurance, it is because you have become disabled; you are unable to work and you have probably lost your livelihood. You may be in the most vulnerable position of your life. The insurance company knows this, and they know that it is difficult for you to fight back against a wrongful denial of coverage.

We want you to get the medical attention you need and focus on simply getting healthy. We’ll fight the legal battle on your behalf to get you the disability benefits you counted on.

Some of the key issues that we see in wrongful denial of coverage cases include:

  • Fine print or ambiguous policy language: Insurance companies often use the fine print or ambiguous policy terms to deny the coverage that the policy promises. This is illegal, and we can help you get the coverage you deserve.
  • Medical experts: Insurance companies send their policyholders to doctors that they know will give predictable results that are in their favor.
  • Tactical use of keywords: Many insurance contracts define disability as the inability to maintain occupation. The problem is that the insurance companies are referring to “any occupation,” not just “your occupation.” So if you were a doctor who has become disabled, but you’re still able to work in another, much less lucrative job, the insurance company will deny your benefits because you are still able to do some kind of occupation and are thus, according to their definition, not disabled.

Let us help you get the fair compensation you are entitled to under your insurance contract.

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One of the biggest problems with bad faith insurance practices is that many of the victims don’t even know that they have been wronged or that they have a chance to fight back. For this reason, we offer free initial consultations. We want you to know what your rights are.

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