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Damages Caused by Unfair Workers’ Compensation Practices

Employees can be compensated by their employers’ worker’s compensation insurer for any injuries incurred at work, regardless of who was at fault. Some insurers will try to find any way possible to avoid or limit this payment.

When this tactic by your employer’s worker’s compensation carrier causes you damages, we go to work. Our firm has been around for more than 25 years, and ourworkers’ compensation attorney team has more than 70 combined years of experience fighting against the wrongful denial of coverage. We established the right of workers to sue the insurer for bad faith in the handling of a workman’s compensation claim. See our successful cases for more details.

Bad Faith Mishandling of Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

We have seen many cases in which an employer’s insurance company mishandles an employee’s worker’s compensation claim. Usually it looks something like this:

  • Your doctor says that you have a serious condition like a herniated disc, requiring you to not continue at your present position until you have recovered fully.
  • Not wanting to pay for your missed work, the worker’s compensation carrier sends you to one of their hand-picked doctors who say that you do not have a serious condition and you should return to work immediately.
  • You return to work, suffering greater injuries because you should never have been working with your injury in the first place.

We successfully litigated the very first worker’s compensation bad faith insurance case, winning compensation for damages caused to our client because of mishandling of the workers’ compensation claim. We have a history of successful cases like this in which we have forced insurance companies to keep their promises.

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