Arizona Long Term Care Insurance Claim Attorneys

A Vulnerable Position

You paid your long-term care insurance premiums for years because you did not want the cost of your long-term care to be a burden on your family. Then, when you file a claim for long-term care benefits, the insurance company doesn’t keep its promise.

If you have been wrongfully denied in an insurance claim, you need an Arizona long-term care insurance claim lawyer with experience and passion on your side. At TR Law Company, we truly believe in what we do. Our attorneys have skill and experience fighting against the wrongful denial of coverage by insurance companies.

Insurance Company Tactics ∙ Know Your Rights

While every case is different, there are some tactics that insurance companies use again and again:

  • Refusing certain caregivers: In many cases, an insurance company will claim that the caregiver you hired is not qualified or licensed. In many cases, the policy does not give the insurance company this right.
  • Trying to turn long-term benefits into short-term: Insurance companies market coverage as long-term care policies, but the fine print sometimes limits the benefits to only short-term medical issues. They use the fine print to try to destroy the essence of your agreement with them.
  • Wrongfully delaying payments or creating obstacles: Another common tactic is to simply waste time with “filing” and “administrative” delays, creating obstacles and making families “jump through hoops” to get the promised benefits.

Compensation and Damages

The insurance company is accountable not only for the benefits you deserve, but also for damages you incurred as a result of their breach of contract. In large part because of cases we have litigated successfully, Arizona law allows policyholders to recover both the benefits owed as well as damage awards for suffering, worry, or distress resulting from insurance company misconduct.

We truly believe that you deserve to receive the insurance benefits you’ve paid for plus compensation for the emotional distress or other harm caused by unfair handling of your claim.

Contact Phoenix Insurance Litigation Attorney

If you have any question about whether or not you were wrongfully denied coverage, call us. We offer free consultations and we work on a contingency fee. You don’t pay attorney’s fees unless we win or get you a favorable settlement. Contact us today.

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