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Insurance Companies Denying Claims for Businesses

Every business needs a contingency plan to cover theft, property damaging fires and liability. For most companies this contingency plan involves a commercial insurance policy. When disaster strikes, however, insurance companies often find ways to deny or delay claims, even though the company has been paying the insurance premiums for years.

At the law firm, we have been fighting against the wrongful denial of coverage by insurance companies for more than 30 years. Our partners have more than 70 combined years of legal experience. We are commercial insurance claim lawyer team with experience and passion for fighting against bad faith insurance practices.

Wrongful Denial and Delay of Coverage

Commercial insurance bad faith issues look very much like any other first-party bad faith claim, with issues including:

  • Undervaluing losses: In general, many insurance companies offer exceedingly low estimates on the lost or damaged property in a claim.
  • Delaying payment: Often insurance companies use filing or administrative delays, making you “jump through hoops” before paying out claims. This is particularly problematic for small or young business without a lot of capital to cover their losses while the insurance company is using the money.
  • Underestimating lost business income: In addition to the lost or damaged property, the time spent rebuilding or reacquiring property results in lost income. A company loses money while rebuilding a factory or reacquiring necessary resources. Insurance companies will often undervalue this lost income.

We have a long history of fighting insurance policy disputes. A lot of the quality bad faith law has been formulated as a result of our successful cases, where we helped pave the way for adequate damage awards for mistreated policyholders.

Personalized Service

We are a small, dedicated firm. Our attorneys are the main point of contact for all of our clients. We will fight for you.

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