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Making Insurance Companies Keep Their Promises

To increase profits, insurance companies are always looking for creative ways to deny and reduce the amount they pay on claims. The problem is that they often break their contractual promises or their duty of good faith and fair dealing in the process. That is when we get involved.

We are an auto insurance claim lawyer team with more than 70 combined years of experience making insurance companies keep their promises. If you have experienced a wrongful denial of coverage or unfair claims practices by your insurance company, we can help. We can help you get the benefits you deserve.

Putting a Stop to Bad Faith Insurance Practices

For more than 30 years as a legal team, we have seen all the tactics that insurance companies use to wrongfully deny claims:

  • Body shop “approved” list: Most insurance companies have “captive shops” or certain automotive repair shops on their approved list. The insurance companies write estimates at a fraction of what the repairs should cost, knowing that these approved shops will try to do the work that cheap by cutting corners and using junk yard or aftermarket parts.
  • Refusing to total a vehicle: Insurance companies will often insist on repairing a car or truck when it should be considered totaled, and then give a low estimate of what the repairs will cost. We’ve called insurance companies to account and taught them a lesson when they did this. See our successful cases for more details.
  • Vehicle valuation program: Insurance companies use computer programs that give vehicle total loss values that don’t coincide with actual market value. This is another form of low-balling. People think that because the estimate comes from a computer program, there is nothing they can do. But the programs are designed to make low-ball offers.

One insurance company realized that they could make a lot of extra money in the long run if they undervalued every automobile total loss claim by only $35. We sued them and recovered $3.5 million and helped to clarify the law on punitive damages in all similar cases. See our other successful cases and how they have helped shape insurance law for policyholders’ benefit.

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