Representative Cases

Emily Jones – Intellectual Property Protection: “When I first started in art, I was unsure as to how one should protect their creative work. Georges explained in a coherent and clear manner the intricacies of intellectual property law; he created a level of self-confidence that I did not have before. He explained copyright and trademark law in such a lucid manner that he made it easy to see which legal strategies I should pursue in order to protect my creative expression. Georges helped me register, assuring that my intellectual property rights were ensured. I would definitely recommend him for an artist or a creative person looking for legal guidance on intellectual property protection.”

Daniel Hernandez – Business Formation & Compliance: “Setting up my dream business had to be guided by wise counsel. From a business point of view, Georges had so much valuable knowledge and related it to the law in a great manner. He gave good advice on the ideal form for my company, involving taxes and provisions for future expansion. Every legal document required in relation to the entity setup, whatever the situation, was to the minute detail. His guidance and support allowed me to confidently focus on growing my business, knowing the legal foundations were securely in place.”

Amanda Walker – Landlord-Tenant Dispute: “My landlord had been treating me unfairly, so I decided to consult with Georges, who provided valuable legal knowledge. Upon reading my lease agreement, he identified ways where my rights had been violated. Clearly and professionally, Georges worked with my landlord to reach an equitable and fair resolution to this case. His academic background in landlord-tenant law, coupled with his astute tact in negotiation, eventually resulted in my benefits being accepted, assuring peaceful living.”

Christopher Lee – Contract Dispute: “I was confronted with a breach of contract in my partnership business. A friend recommended the service, and fortunately, I did; therefore, my partner’s colleague introduced me to Georges. Upon listening carefully, he understood the complexity of my case. With a keen mind and detail-oriented, Georg reviewed the contract and identified some legal breaches. With the help of Georges in his strong negotiation skills, an equitable and satisfactory conclusion of that business partner was established, giving a sense of satisfaction to me, allowing us to continue with the company in a successful manner.”

Sarah Miller – Consumer Protection: “Over several days, I had passed through deceptive sales activities, and I felt drained out. It was during this time when Georges offered me legal assistance in understanding consumer protection law. He listened to my exposition and read all of the details. After having identified breaches of laws on consumer protection, he would give me an outline of the legal rights I have as a consumer. He then helped me to file a complaint in the right department in accordance with the law. Indeed, Georges’ help motivated me to fight on behalf of the public good for fairness and equality.”