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Get the Medical Coverage You Paid For

After spending years paying for your medical and health care insurance , you want the benefits you paid for when you have a legitimate claim. If your insurance company has committed bad faith denial of insurance coverage, you need an Arizona health insurance claims attorney with experience and passion.

At the law firm, our attorneys have more than 70 combined years of insurance litigation experience. We make insurance companies keep their promises.

Insurance Company Tactics for Wrongful Denial of Coverage

Some of the common tactics that insurance companies use to wrongfully deny or reduce the benefits their policyholders deserve, include:

  • Improperly classifying treatments as experimental or arbitrary
  • Claiming that the insured’s medical problem is a pre-existing condition
  • Using information that was incorrect on the insurance application as pretext for denying a claim
  • Using medical bill reviewers that are designed to reduce claim payments to a claimed “prevailing rate” for such services in your area
  • Refusing to authorize specialized treatment for serious conditions, even though this treatment might be the only chance the insured has to remedy the condition

Many people in this situation don’t even know they have been wronged or that they might have a bad faith insurance claim. Contact us for a free consultation if you’ve been denied coverage that you paid.

Dedicated Firm ∙ Personalized Attention From Your Attorney

When you hire us for your bad faith insurance case, you will be working with one of our experienced insurance law attorneys throughout the duration of representation. We do not hand our clients off to paralegals or assistants. You will get the attention you deserve.

Contact a Medical Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

We work on a contingency fee, so you don’t pay attorney’s fees unless we win a favorable judgment in court or a favorable settlement for you. This takes the risk away from pursuing a claim. Either call our office or contact us online for a free consultation.

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